SUMMER 2019, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Tumble, Karate

In House Registration!!! Tuesday, May 28th 5:00-8:00pm

for New Students!

Summer 2019 Schedule


Summer Performance in August included with August tuition!

Students must purchase a Summer Studio T-shirt for the performance

Christmas performance in December!

Annual Recital in May! Recital and Costume fees apply

Class Tuition: $65/month, 1 class each week

$50/month for each additional class time/student

$25/year Registration Fee

Master Classes are $10.00/class

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SUMMER 2019!

Weekly class times by age

Ages as of June 1st!

2.5-3.5 yrs

45 minute Tap/Ballet/Tumble Combo

Monday 6:00 Gabby

Tuesday 7:00 Ryan

Saturday 10:00am Ryan

3.5-4.5 yrs

1 hour Tap/Ballet/Tumble Combo

Monday 7:00 Gabby

Tuesday 6:00 Ryan

Thursday 6:00 Gabby

Saturday 10:00am Gabby

4.5-5.5 yrs

1 hour Tap/Ballet/Tumble Combo

Monday 5:00 Ryan

Tuesday 6:00 Gabby

Thursday 7:00 Gabby

Saturday 9:00am Gabby

5.5-6.5 yrs

Monday 6:00 Ryan

Monday 6:00 Tumble

Thursday 7:00 Kim Ballet

Thursday 6:00 Ryan, Placement only

Thursday 6:00 Chris, Hip-Hop

Saturday 9:00am Ryan


7-10 yr Boys Only!!!

Thursday 7:00 Hip-Hop

6-8 yrs

Monday 6:00 Tumble

Tuesday 6:00, Jazz

Tuesday 7:00 Mona, Hip-Hop

Thursday 5:00 Ryan, Tap

Thursday 6:00 Kim, Ballet

Thursday 7:00 Ryan, Tap Placement Only

Saturday 11:00am Ryan, Tap

9-12 yrs

Monday 7:00 Tumble

Monday 7:00 Ryan, Tap

Tuesday 5:00 Ryan, Tap

Tuesday 6:00 Mona Hip-Hop

Thursday 5:00 Kim, Ballet

Tuesday 7:00, Jazz

Weekly Master Classes, No registration fee, $10/class


Friday evening with Mr. Chris

6:30pm Hip-Hop ages 9-12

7:30pm Hip-Hop ages 13 and up


Saldivar's Sidekicks

Saturday's at noon

1st month $35/Student Paid to instructor, includes uniform

Each additional month is $30/month 1st student

$20/month 2nd student (Siblings Only)

Monthly tuition paid to the front desk or online

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