Spring 2018, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Tumble, Karate in Spring

Most SPRING Classes are CLOSED. SUMMER Classes Begin in JUNE!!! Schedule coming soon :) 

For Daytime Classes Please See Homeschool Dance Page

Ages as of September 1st

* indicates teacher placement only*

SPRING 2018 Schedule

New Beginner Hip-Hop Classes!

Teen, age 13-16 Tuesday 7:00pm

ages 9-12 Wednesday 7:00pm

ages 6-8 Wednesday 6:00pm

New 2's class! 45 minute Tap/Ballet/Tumble

Saturday 9:15am Ms. Asia

Begins Saturday, January 20th

Ages 2.5-3.5, 45 minute combination class of Tap/Ballet/Tumble

Monday 5:15 Ms. Asia FULL

Tuesday 6:00 Ms. Asia

Wednesday 7:00 Ms. Asia

Thursday 7:00 Ms. Asia

Saturday 11:00am Ms. Asia

Ages 3.5-4.5, 1 hour combination class of Tap/Ballet/Tumble

Monday 5:00 Mrs. Ryan

Tuesday 6:00 Mrs. Ryan FULL

Tuesday 7:00 Ms. Asia

Wednesday 6:00 Ms. Asia - Coming Soon

Thursday 6:00 Mrs. Ryan FULL

Saturday 9:00am Mrs. Ryan

Ages 4.5-5.5, 1 hour combination class of Tap/Ballet/Tumble

Wednesday 5:00 Mrs. Ryan FULL

Thursday 6:00 Ms. Asia

Saturday 10:00am Ms. Asia

Ages 5.5-6.5, 1 hour class

Tap/Ballet/Tumble, Monday 6:00 Ms. Asia

Ballet, Tuesday 5:00 Mrs. Kim

Tap/Ballet/Tumble, Thursday 5:00 Mrs. Ryan

Tap/Ballet/Tumble, Saturday 10:00am Mrs. Ryan

*Thursday 7:00 Mrs. Ryan* FULL

Ages 6-8, 1 hour

*Tap/Jazz Intermediate, Monday 7:00 Ryan FULL*

Tumble 1, Monday 6:00 Coach Columbia

*Tumble 2, Monday 7:00 Coach Columbia*

*Tap/Jazz Intermediate, Tuesday 7:00 Mrs. Ryan*

Hip-Hop, Wednesday

Tap/Ballet, Saturday 10:00am Mrs. Ryan

Ages 7-9

*Jazz intermediate, Wednesday 6:00 Ms. Kaylee*

*Tap intermediate, Wednesday 7:00 Mrs. Ryan*

Ages 7-10

BOYS Hip-Hop!!!

Wednesday 5:00 Mr. Chris

Ages 9-12

*Hip-Hop Intermediate, Tuesday 6:00 Mrs. Aleasha*

Beginner Hip-Hop Wednesday 7:00

Tumble 1, Monday 6:00 Coach Columbia

*Tumble 2, Monday 7:00 Coach Columbia*

Hip-Hop, C0-Ed Wednesday 7:00 Mr. Chris

*Tap Intermediate, Wednesday 6:00 Mrs. Ryan*

*Jazz Intermediate, Wednesday 7:00 Ms. Kaylee*

Ballet/Jazz, Thursday 6:00 Ms. Kim

Ages 13 and up

Ballet/Modern!!! Thursday 7:00 Ms. Kim

Hip-Hop!!! Tuesday 7:00pm



Zumba, Saturday 12:30pm Sandra


Zumba instructors manage their own classes; Contact them to confirm class


Saldivar's Sidekicks

Saturday 10:45am-12:15pm

*Competitive Dance Classes*

Jr. Tap, Monday 6:00 Mrs. Ryan

Jr Jazz, Monday 7:00 Ms. Angie

Sr. Jazz, Monday 5:00 Ms. Angie

Sr, Hip-Hop, Monday 6:00 Ms. Angie

Sr. Tap, Wednesday 5:00 Mrs. Katie

Jr. & Sr. Ballet/Contemporary TBA