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Recital 2017

Date: TBA
at Dekaney High School
Afternoon and Evening Performance

Tickets and Invitations

Each account will be issued 4 tickets.

Students do not require a ticket, additional tickets available for $5.00 each. Sold at front desk and at Recital, same price. Any child that requires a seat needs a ticket. Recital tickets will be available April from the front desk.

All classes will perform one or two dances in our performances. Some combo classes perform 2 dances.

The shows will last approximately 1 ½ hours. Students are required to stay for the entirety of the performance.

“Helping Moms” will remain with the students throughout the performance. “Helping Moms” volunteers needed!

Please see included form.

Recital Balances due April 30th

At least $100 must be paid for each student before receiving a costume.

Recital Fees are $150.00/student, add $50.00 for each additional class. This includes costume fees.

Costumes will be handed out during regular class times beginning March 15th and continuing throughout April. Costumes are ordered according to student measurements, parents are responsible for any necessary alterations.

All recital fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable. In order to receive your costume, and participate in recital, all recital fees and tuition must be paid in full through May 2016.

May tuition includes 3 weekly classes, Photos, Recital, and Trophy Hand-outs. Full Tuition Due.

Trophies will be handed out in May

The Dance Studio will be closed May 23rd-June 3rd. Summer classes begin Saturday, June 4th.

Current students pay for June tuition to sign up for summer classes! No registration fee!

Summer class registration will begin in May.

Recital Video

Each performance will be professionally recorded. DVD and Blueray are available for order.

Price List TBA. Order Forms available at Recital.

You may also record the show personally. No standing up in seats or center isles to record.

No tripods in first 15 rows allowed.

Approaching the stage at any time for photos or video is strictly prohibited.

Audience etiquette is enforced by security.

Trophies will be handed out in May

Friday, and Saturday, May 6th & 7th at The Dance Studio. Room “A”.

Attendance to photos is mandatory, purchases are optional.

All students will participate in group photos. Individual photos will be taken upon prepaid order.

All orders must be placed on photo day. Submit a schedule conflict form by April 7th and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. Class photo times will be posted by April 15th.

Photo times cannot be changed once the schedule is posted.

Order forms available at Photo Day. Pay on Photo Day.

Recital T-shirts

Each student participating in recital will receive a recital t-shirt! I will size and order these automatically.

Additional shirts may be ordered- $15.00 each Child XS – Adult L, $20.00- XL & XXL. Due April 15th.

Please see included form.

Annual Yearbook/Program! $5.00 Includes

All 2017 Class Recital Photos, Business Card Ads, Personal Ads, and Personal Messages, Recital line-up of dances and students!

Please see included form for ordering ads, Yearbooks sold at Recital, not available before!